I have potato on the brain. Mashed, fried, baked. And now, gratin.


As Gina DePalma dreamily says, “…creamy, garlicky, soft, cheesy, crusty potatoes, the kind that emerge from the oven with an aroma and appearance that makes you forget about heating bills, spent car batteries and drafty window casings.”

Yep. I want those. And the ones I had for brunch in Madison, WI years ago with a friend who insisted the secret to scalloped potatoes was butter. Lots and lots of it. In her cast iron pan, the potatoes just melted. When I protested – I was on a diet, as always – she just dumped their creamy goodness on my plate and poured me more coffee.

I will never forget those potatoes. But I didn’t let myself eat them for a long time. Carbs? Butter? No way. Now – hello. I can’t get enough. And I seem to tolerate white potatoes just fine even though they are nightshades. Which is good because I am running out of sweet potatoes. And post-workout, I needs my carbs.

This recipe for Pam Stewart’s Best Ever Scalloped Potatoes is the closest to what I make, minus the onions. And definitely with farm-fresh butter.

I don’t know if they are the best, but they sure are tasty.