Fall bounty.

A picture of my sweet potatoes – aren’t you excited? Grown in our garden in Sapakpınar, Turkey on a plot of land that also boasts walnut trees, Turkish pumpkins, and seasonal fruit and veggies. But the sweet potatoes are by far my favorite, and what I have missed the most. These beauties were grown from organic slips that I brought from Wisconsin and grew indoors. I held my breath during the first planting – would they grow here? Turkey is known for flavorful yellow potatoes, but other colors and varieties are hard to find. The first harvest was just enough for our family, and last year we grew about 30kg, but this year we expect to have over 150kg.

My green thumb has until recent history kept only hearty spider plants and cacti alive. Growing the slips indoors was one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever had – watching the roots grow, gorgeous stems and leaves sprouting from the top. I’m pretty sure I watched this video or the equivalent to learn how. You can also plant in a bag of soil or on a balcony. The trickiest part for me was sprouting the slips at the right time of year for planting (after the last frost). The plants grew fast, so I transferred them to long, narrow basins that I filled with soil so the plants could take root and get a head start while indoors.

It can take around 3-4 months for the potatoes to grow to full size, but they are worth the wait. So. Worth. It.

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