Welcome! Hoş Geldiniz!

Paleo Abroad is my food child. I am a farm girl turned expat blogging on the intersection of food and wellness from the crossroads of East and West.

Paleo Abroad does not only mean someone living overseas trying to live it up Paleo style, it means abroad, as is expanding one’s horizons. For me that meant getting over my fear of giving up the stuff that is traditionally not part of a Paleo diet – grains, dairy (with exceptions), legumes, and that pillowy white stuff – sugar. Adopting both food and lifestyle changes that felt uncomfortable at first.

It is not about being perfect, though. Enough of the perfection bug runs rampant in food circles – if you eat any carbs, you’ll gain weight; don’t fall off the sugar wagon, food issues are emotional problems to solve. Or like a never-ending treadmill: work out constantly, do lots of cardio. It took me a long time to take a step back from the muck of voices messing with my feel-good agenda. It meant having to listen to my body. Taking stock of what was working, and what wasn’t. Being patient. And flexible.

Living abroad means running into food situations one might not encounter at home: a quick drop-in for tea actually involves a spread a mile long of baklava, scones, and profiteroles. Traditional foods being thrust on you when no, no thank you, I’ve had enough falls on deaf ears. How do you navigate the Turkish sofra, for example, and still meet your health goals?

I believe in using the resources we have at our disposal wherever we are in the world to make the best possible food and wellness choices we can for ourselves and our families. I am a mom, a writer of young adult fiction. A sports enthusiast who after two pregnancies began to reclaim my health. I am an artist and a dreamer.

I also really likes bacon.

And growing things. Reading. Making stuff. Picking my kids up from school – in other words, living. Things that only a few years ago felt overwhelming and impossible because of constant aches, food intolerances, colds, mood swings, and hormonal issues. I didn’t want to just be alive, I wanted to flourish.

Maybe that is what you want, too. Or maybe you just want to talk about bacon. I’m cool with that.

Either way, thank you for visiting, and welcome to Paleo Abroad.

From one plot of the world, to yours.